Niton Methodist Church

Dear all we will be at Brightstone, this Friday 22nd December outside Brighstone and Shorwell Methodist Church and in Niton, this Saturday 23rd December outside Niton Methodist Church.

Call us or text us your orders on 07534021153 or message us on FB.

Our Menu this week:

Thai Vegan Mixed Veg curry 1 for £8 and 2 for £15
Thai Vegan Mixed Veg curry curry as side – £6
The Vegan Thai Green Curry is filled with lovely vegetables & a spicy-sweet, creamy curry sauce. With cocunut cream and lemon grass!

Butter Chicken – 1 for £8.50 and 2 for £16
Aromatic tender chicken pieces cooked in spiced tomato and Creamy sauce. It is similar to chicken tikka masala. Mild but full of flavours.

Chicken Achari – 1 for £8.50 and 2 for £16
Chicken curry made with ingredients used to make achaar, or Indian pickle. While the chicken itself isn’t pickled, it’s livened up with a zesty, tangy, ‘pickled’ flavor. Medium Heat

Lamb Dhansak – 1 for £10 and 2 for £19
Diced boneless Lamb cooked with Authentic Indian Spices, including Turmeric, Cloves, Cinamon and Cardamon in a thick lentil curry. Medium Heat

Goan King Prawn Vindaloo – £15
King Prawn cooked with a spicy vindaloo paste made up of red chillies, aromatic whole spices and vinegar. It’s spicy and tangy at the same time. Hot

All curries come with rice and Poppodam
All curries are gluten and nuts free
All Curries cooked to pre-order only please.
Thank you